Budget and Appropriations

The Sheridan Group has decades of experience identifying, protecting and growing federal funding streams for our client partners. We begin by mapping our client’s legislative assets and targets and then work hand-in-hand with them through the full Budget and Appropriations process to influence funding levels at each important inflection point. We utilize our strong relationships with key policymakers and our thorough knowledge of the budget process to provide our clients with the tools necessary to increase political and financial support for their work.

Our Budget and Appropriations work is conducted on the twenty-four month budget cycle, which includes direct engagement with the Administration as budget priorities are being developed, working with the House and Senate Budget Committees to advocate for the highest possible overall funding levels, and then targeting members on the Appropriations Committees as the spending bills are being considered and approved by Congress.

Securing and maintaining federal dollars for key programs is often a top priority for organizations, yet competition for funds is fierce. We stand ready to help your organization go into battle.

Budget and Appropriations Case Study: SSTI

Partners for Change:

Save the Children
Nuru International