Coalition Building and Management

The Sheridan Group has a proven track record of creating some of the most well-known national coalitions, effectively targeting potential partners and setting out clear strategic plans to increase visibility and credibility with a larger audience of policymakers. Equally important, TSG has been successful in the disciplined and effective management of coalitions, helping them evolve to meet new demands, bringing new partners to the table and ensuring all members are fully invested in the goal-setting and decision-making process.

When a community is fragmented—advocating for different priorities and speaking with a variety of different and sometimes conflicting voices—public policy success is rarely achieved. Conversely, the combined and aligned voice of many organizations, stakeholders and advocates can exert a powerful influence on the legislative process and bring about impressive results not easily achieved by a single entity. After more than two decades of successful coalition management, TSG knows how to harness the power and validation that comes from a cross-section of organizations working together to leverage their own policy and political objectives for the greater good.

Coalition Building and Management Case Study: Voices for National Service

Partners for Change:

Save the Children
Nuru International