Political Engagement

The Sheridan Group has a proven track record of working with some of the nation’s leading social change organizations to develop and implement highly effective, bipartisan issue campaign strategies. Whether it’s devising a plan to engage candidates for the Oval Office or the local school board, TSG specializes in creating strategies that help make your issues front and center in the public debate. In politics, strong policy positions are critical, but in today’s 24-hour cable news and multimedia world, so is the ability to make those positions heard when it matters most. In order to advance sound public policies, organizations must reinforce their platforms with strategic political engagement. This process usually begins by working closely with our client partners to determine if a cause is ripe for movement in an electoral cycle. TSG then crafts a comprehensive strategic campaign plan to engage candidates and their campaigns in order to build visibility and policy endorsements for the client’s issues. This support is often achieved through policy statements, press releases, speeches, public events and planks in national platforms. To build the organizational capacity and political muscle needed to realize an organization’s stated mission, TSG also specializes in helping existing organizations engage in thoughtful and collaborative processes to create new 501(c)4 organizations, 527 organizations and Political Action Committees (PAC’s). These new affiliated organizations must be consistent with the organization’s underlying mission, but also have the freedom to use the latest political and communications strategies to affect real change at the ballot box. As House Speaker Tip O’Neil said, “all politics is local.” At TSG, we use the latest in grassroots and grasstops political strategies to help our clients remind politicians of that fact every chance we get.

Political Engagement Case Study: Save the Children

Partners for Change:

Save the Children
Nuru International