Strategic Planning

The Sheridan Group uses its nearly quarter-century of experience creating and advising some of the nation’s top social change organizations to assist our clients with strategic planning to increase impact and accelerate change.  
Early-stage and mature organizations alike can benefit from new ideas and a fresh perspective. Our strategic planning services include everything from auditing and analyzing internal functionality, to designing and writing strategic plans that take into account an organization’s strengths, weaknesses and resources so it can effectively execute new plans for success.
These partnerships sometimes take the form of short-term reconnaissance projects that examine an organization’s potential for strategic engagement with international, federal, state and local governments. This process can be particularly useful for organizations new to advocacy as they consider opportunities for public policy engagement. In other cases, we assist more established organizations in developing new cutting-edge strategies to accelerate impact and revitalize their current approach to government advocacy.

No matter the stage of maturity of an organization, TSG’s team of experts can help increase its capacity to create social change.

Strategic Planning Case Study: SPARC

Partners for Change:

Save the Children
Nuru International