About TSG

The Sheridan Group (TSG) was founded by Tom Sheridan in 1991 with the simple idea of “helping the good do better.” TSG operates under the firm belief that the world will be a more livable place when the interests of the common good get the representation they deserve in the halls of government. More than two decades later, it continues to be our passion and our mission. 

Regardless of the electoral shifts, forward-thinking organizations and causes can achieve remarkable policy and funding results when they execute the right strategies for success. From the millions of lives saved by advocacy on behalf of Bono’s ONE Campaign to the thousands of young lives improved by Benetech’s Bookshare library, The Sheridan Group is experienced at driving advocacy strategies that can deliver a remarkable return on investment – in both human and financial terms. We deliver results and we measure success by missions fulfilled, communities changed and visions expanded.

The Sheridan Group has been honored to partner with some of the most thoughtful, bold and dedicated social change leaders of our time. Our clients include international and domestic nonprofit organizations, philanthropic organizations, social enterprises and corporations that are pursuing new strategies to help their communities and improve their triple bottom line. Most often these strategies involve the powerful lever of public policy. As a small firm, members of our team bring passion, creativity, tenacity, and superior strategic skills to develop and implement cutting-edge strategies to advance our clients’ goals.

With over a quarter-century of experience, TSG has a track record of accelerating change by bringing together top talent to craft smart and innovative strategies for success. Our history is serving nonprofit public interest organizations and movements but more recently the demand for corporate American to be counted as “doing good” has opened up new opportunities and services that TSG is leading on in Washington, DC. Examples of our accomplishments are documented in the history of the domestic AIDS movement to our present leadership in advancing technology and social innovations to confront 21st century challenges.

We look forward to helping you change the world.
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