In close coordination with the client, TSG customizes their work to best meet the client’s needs.

Impact Ideation & Visioning

TSG will translate your organization’s mission into policy options, establishing clear policy goals and answering the following questions:

  • What impact do you seek to have?

  • How can public actions/policy and advocacy help you make that impact?

  • What is your desired policy result?

TSG performs varying levels of research, ranging from topline policy research, to more in-depth studies consisting of interviews with board members, stakeholders, Capitol Hill/administration staffers and thought leaders.

TSG also offers varying levels of advocacy SWOT analyses and capacity assessments, and can assist with board governance/approvals, conference planning and coalition building.

Political & Policy Planning

TSG will assist you in translating your organization’s mission and capacity into short, medium and long-term policy priorities for execution, answering the following questions:

  • What execution tactics are most valuable for achieving impact?

  • What are the details of the policy platform?

  • What is your organizational capacity?

  • How and when will the policy platform be executed?

TSG will also create a congressional/administration target list based on committees of relevance and the assets of both your organization and TSG.

Additionally, TSG will continue the work started in the Impact Ideation and Visioning phase, such as research, SWOT analyses and large-scale goal development.

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During the Execution phase, TSG will continue to support the policy priorities established in the Political and Policy Planning phase. 

TSG will coordinate and attend meetings on Capitol Hill, coach government relations staff and create briefing documents, leave-behinds and other relevant background material. Throughout the process, TSG will answer the following questions:

  • How will impact be measured and monitored?

  • How will TSG be accountable to the client?

  • What tactics, if any, must be changed or adapted?

TSG offers a wide-range of services in the execution phase, including appropriations/budget requests, grassroots engagement and coalition building and regular advice and counsel.